Business Address Subscription

$45.00 / month and a $45.00 sign-up fee

Note: The $45 + HST sign up fee will cover your last month’s payment.

  • Mail/parcel receipt & holding
  • Use your address to incorporate your new business
  • Set up your Google Maps presence
  • Receive email notifications when mail arrives



Q: Why is there a $45 sign up fee?
A: The additional $45 + HST charged upon signing up covers your last month’s payment.

Our business addresses all possess an individual suite number so you can set up your business’ presence with Google Searches (Google is no longer allowing multiple businesses to share the same mailing address, so without a unique suite number your address cannot be linked online!) We offer the most flexible and hassle-free virtual office address in Ottawa.

What do we mean when we say “flexible”? For hands-off entrepreneurs, things are as simple as signing up and using your newly acquired business address. If you’re looking to get more use out of your address than that, we’ll receive, store, and notify you about your mail. We also offer the option to have your mail forwarded to you every week, month, or whatever time period suits you best! If having your mail forwarded to you isn’t a quick enough solution, we can even scan it for you so you can receive your mail without ever leaving home.

Need a bit more than just a business address? We also offer meeting room hours and coworking options. This is ideal for those who aren’t quite ready for full-time space yet. We’re here to help, no matter what stage your startup is at!