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Business address Downtown Ottawa

Business Mailing Address

at $45 + HST / Month

(First and Last months due upon sign up)

  • Mail/parcel receipt & holding
  • Use your address to incorporate your new business
  • Set up your Google Maps presence
  • Receive email notifications when mail arrives
  • Unique suite number provided (within 2 business days)

Optional Add Ons

Physical mail forwarding
Need your mail, but don’t have time to pick it up? We can arrange to have it sent to you!

Starting at $10.00 (regular) and $25.00 (express). Pricing varies based on parcel size and destination.

Digital Mail Forwarding
That’s right; we can scan your mail and send it to you via email (with the proper written authorization, of course!)

Starting at $25.00/month

Looking for a virtual office downtown ottawa?

Looking for a virtual office in downtown Ottawa? Well a business address rental at TheCodeFactory provides the optimum solution. Available from just $45 (plus HST) per month, TheCodeFactory can offer you an Ottawa virtual office with flexible terms and low cost.

Our business addresses all possess an individual suite number so that we can ensure your presence via Google Searches (Google is no longer allowing multiple businesses to share the same mailing address! Without a unique suite number your address cannot be linked online!). We offer the most flexible and hassle-free virtual office address in Ottawa and we’re always willing to work around your needs.

You can email us or call us at 613-808-3890. We are located in the heart of downtown Ottawa.

If you have questions or need more information, please feel free to check out our Virtual Office FAQ. You can find the Virtual Office FAQ here.

Please note: We screen telephone calls because of too much cold call spam. ARGH… isn’t cold calling dead? However, if you leave a voicemail we will reply.

Virtual Office FAQ

What is a Virtual Office

In its simplest form a Virtual Office is a business address. If you’re running your own business out of your home, having a Virtual Office location allows you to look bigger and more professional. It is common practice for customers to look up potential service providers/sellers on Google before making purchases. A rural or suburban home does not convey the same element of professionalism as a downtown office building.

Secondly, a Virtual Office address can be used when you’re incorporating your company. When incorporating in Canada you must list a street address; PO boxes are NOT accepted. You can also use a Virtual Office to extend your company’s reach. If you are in a province other than Ontario, setting up a Virtual Office here would afford your business an Ontario address.

Thirdly, a Virtual Office provides you with mail and parcel reception and holding. You will now have the option to separate your business mail from your personal mail and have it sent to your new business address. The mail is held under lock and key until you arrive to receive it. And yes, we can notify you when you have mail if you’re waiting for something important!

What is the price for a monthly subscription?

We offer monthly subscription at the following rate;

  •             $45.00 + HST per monthly subscription
Do you notify me when mail arrives?

Yes, we send email notifications on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Do you accept and store all parcels?

We do NOT accept parcels that require payment on delivery.

How will my mail be sorted?

Mail will be filed according to your Suite Number, which will be provided to you on your agreement. Please ensure that you give all your correspondents the correct Suite Number.

How often should I pick up my mail?

The expectation is that you will pick up your mail or arrange to have it forwarded on a regular basis. Every 10 envelopes (or large parcel!) is a good ballpark!

How do I get started?

You can subscribe online here.