Our Graduates

Exocortex Technologies

Entrance: May 2008

Graduation: July 2016

“Exocortex was founded in 2005 to streamline the production of visual effects via innovative and professional grade tools. Based in Ottawa, Canada but with collaborators from around the world, Exocortex counts among its hundreds of clients the largest VFX studios, mid-size studios, and a multitude of talented independent professionals.”

Update 10-Jan-2019:Serial Entrepreneur, Godard Abel, Leads $10 Million Investment in 3D Product Visualization Technology, ThreeKit 

Nexus Digital

Entrance: January 2014

Graduation: June 2016

“Nexus Digital conducts a variety of digital advertising and marketing initiatives for any company, business, organization or individual to help promote, brand, and gain awareness for our clients and their best interests to help reach their goals.”

Update 21-Feb-2019:Leadbox Merges With Drive Media to Bring Better Marketing Results to Canadian Automotive Dealerships

Note: Drive Media is a division of Nexus Digital


Insight Design Labs

Entrance: March 2010
Graduation: June 2016

Insight Design Labs was acquired by XR Trading in 2015:
​”XR Trading is a proprietary trading firm. We design and build cutting-edge technology and serve as a leader in the global derivatives marketplace. We employ a team-based approach and leverage our technology and core competencies across a wide array of asset classes.”

Blindside Networks

Entrance: October 2008
Graduation: April 2016

“Blindside Networks is a company dedicated to helping universities, colleges and commercial companies deliver a high-quality learning experience to remote students. We do this by providing commercial support and hosting for BigBlueButton, an open source web conferencing system for distance education. ​Blindside Networks started the BigBlueButton project in 2007.”


Entrance: November 2009
Graduation: April 2013

“Arkalumen was established to develop and commercialize LED innovations to enable light fixture manufacturers to more easily transition from legacy lighting technologies to cleaner and more energy-efficient LED based products. Our high-performance LED light engines and intelligent controllers are engineered to address many of the challenges that have so far impeded the wider adoption of this sustainable lighting technology.”


Entrance: September 2009
Graduation: December 2011

“We’re passionate storytellers. We’re innovators in interactive and social media and we’re shaping the digital landscape. Our team uses a digital-first approach to craft strategy, create content, build communities of action both online and off to deliver measurable results.”