An important consideration for business owners is whether to build in-house digital marketing or outsource to an agency. Outsourcing to a digital agency will solve the immediate pain point, however it does create a few longer term issues. As your business grows, sooner or later you will want to build your own in-house digital marketing team.

Five reasons to consider building an in-house digital marketing team;

Agility – There is no substitute for in-house digital marketing team when it comes executing quickly and improving communications.
Alignment – Better alignment of business objectives and digital strategy can be achieved when YOUR team is implementing the solutions.
Control – There is no substitute for in-house digital marketing team when it comes to having an idea and wanting to execute on it quickly.
Cost – Agencies are expensive, and if you’re paying a retainer you may not always be confident of what you’re getting for that outlay.
Ownership – You can hire a small buisness consultant to help you build YOUR team!

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Already working with a digital marketing agency? Our digital audit can help determine if they are producing results.

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Do you want to build your in-house digital marketing capability?

Digital marketing is a trend that is not going to go away. In fact, in light of the recent pandemic having a digital strategy is not only important it is essential. Our small business consultant service is designed to help business owners build their in-house digital marketing team and capability. Digital marketing and inbound sales are core functions and (in our opinion) are too important to outsource.

If you are looking to in-house your digital marketing rather than outsource, we can help!.

What is digital marketing and inbound sales capability?

Digital marketing is the use of online advertising and promotion instead of traditional print and broadcast media. In the old days you would fill out a form for the yellow pages or place a text ad in the local newspaper. However, the days of yellow pages and newspaper ads are quickly coming to an end. If you want to generate demand for your products or services then you need to go online!

Inbound sales is the result of digital marketing done well. Digital marketing creates demand that turns into qualified leads. Inbound sales convert’s leads into customers. One of the best things about digital marketing is that you have customers coming to you versus you going out and finding them. Having potential customers coming to you already interested in your product or service is awesome! .

How does TheCodeFactory small business consultant service work?

TheCodeFactory service is a specialized consulting service that is designed to help small business owners build their in-house digital marketing team. A good way to think about our small business consulting service is like having a director of digital demand generation, sales systems implementer and business coach/mentor all in one person. We help facilitate learning in your organization with the goal of building your inbound sales and digital marketing capability.

How do you build a digital marketing team?

TheCodeFactory small business consultant service helps you recruit, build and train your team. We bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. The first questions small business owners ask us are;

  • What will it cost?
  • When will I start to see results?
  • How much time am I going to have to commit?

With respect to time, you will need to be an active leader (or someone from your team) in the building process. After all it’s your business and team so you set the direction. Typically there is more time required early on when we are starting to work together. However, the time requirement will reduce as the engagement progresses. At a minimum you or someone from your team will need to be available for a weekly meeting and to answer questions. Requirements and expectations for all stakeholders are discussed and documented before we start.

You should expect to start seeing results within three to six months. The first indicator will be increased activity on your website followed by new leads being generated. Ultimately you should start to acquire new customers being generated from our work together.

Sounds interesting, how do I get started?

The process starts with a digital assessment. Please click the “Get Started” button to check out our digital assessement;