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Small business services

We can help you with everything you need to get your business started and running smoothly. Some services we recommend you do yourself (check out our Digital Training) and others like the ones below we highly recommend you outsource as soon as possible to save yourself time and money to focus on the more important tasks required to grow your business. .

Startup Package

Do you need a logo design for your business? We offer professional design services at an unbeatable price. A logo is the face of your brand, so it’s important to make sure your image matches your voice and you’re putting your best foot forward. Check out some of our work below!

Business address

Planning to start a new business out of your home? Having a business address in a professional building is a definite asset that allows your company to look bigger and more professional. It is common practice for customers to look up potential service providers/sellers on Google to check out their office.

Minute Book

A minute book is used to store all important corporate documents such as the articles of incorporation, financial statements, and the minutes of shareholder meetings. Our legal partner provides minute book service to help keep your company organized, up to date and compliant with business regulations.

monthly bookkeeping 

Affordable monthly accounting and bookkeeping are an essential startup service we recommend you look at finding a capable service provider right away. Our accounting partner offers convenient subscriptions that include a monthly bookkeeping and year-end tax filing all for one price.

Logo Portfolio

Business card portfolio

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