Startup Services

Our services are designed to help get your small business up and running. TheCodeFactory is a small business and we have been through the process of turning an idea into a business. We understand that starting a small business can feel overwhelming. One of our favorite quotes is; “Good entrepreneurs learn from their mistakes. Great entrepreneurs learn from the mistakes of others.” We have learned a lot from ten years in business and can help you accelerate your learning. We provide small business services and recommendations to get you up and running with the least amount of friction.
Having cohesive brand is essential for any business. We can create a custom design for you that matches your image and enhances your brand.
A website is a window into your business. It establishes your online presence and in today’s day and age that’s a big deal. Let us help you get your business online!
We can help you alleviate some of the initial stress of starting out. Our startup package is everything you need in one lump sum to get your business going at one affordable price.   
Who we are …
TheCodeFactory started out as an idea for a coworking space focused on software startups more than a decade ago. Yada yada yada (you can learn more about our journey here) … we have evolved and pivoted our business several times. However, staying true to our mission of helping startups survive has always been our due north.  The new direction is to build a virtual incubator and training services which help founders and small business owners accelerate their learning.

How we help …
TheCodeFactory helps small businesses and early stage startup founders go from an idea to $500k in revenue. The start and all the challenges that come with it drive our passion. We also feel that the best way to grow a sustainable business is to be customer funded and build revenue one customer at a time. If you have an idea that you would like to turn into business we are here to help.